Introducing ThreatDown: A new chapter for Malwarebytes

Since I started Malwarebytes 15 years ago the threat landscape has changed. Our offerings have evolved. And now the next chapter of our journey begins today.

How did we get here?

My first cyber “combatant” was an early form of adware running amok on my family’s computer. Removing it was a team effort, and it led to the creation of the first iteration of Malwarebytes, a free tool built to help everyday people find and remove malware from their computers, without needing to scour forums, write code, or run scripts like I had.

Malwarebytes turned out to be extremely popular. It did what no other product could, find malware and remove every trace. Although designed as a free tool for individuals, IT professionals downloaded it in droves. The vast amount of malware infections that common AV tools missed proved that organizations needed better detection as well as our remediation.  

Malwarebytes for Business was born.  

Organizations today must protect against more than malware. There are ransomware gangs, crypto-scammers, Advanced Persistent Threat groups, data exfiltration and extortion schemes, big-money exploits, disastrous zero-days, brute force attacks, Living-Off-the-Land techniques—that anti-virus detection doesn’t find—and fast evolving social engineering tactics that will only advance with the broad availability of generative AI.  

But with the rapid increase of attack surfaces, security products have multiplied and become increasingly complex to deploy and manage. Many IT organizations are struggling with the number of consoles and increasing costs. Most don’t have enough cybersecurity staff or budget to take down threat levels. 

For more than a decade, Malwarebytes has provided resource constrained IT organizations with the necessary tools to stop cybercriminals across the entire threat spectrum—from attack surface reduction; through prevention, detection, and response; to remediation. Time and time again our products are tested, proven, and recognized, year after year, quarter after quarter. Importantly, we’ve also made security simpler. Delivered in one lightweight agent, using one console, IT organizations can manage thousands of endpoints and vast security capabilities at once.  

Today, we launch a name that reflects the full scope of our business product line, the serious daily battle with adversaries on behalf of organizations, and embodies our mission – security that overpowers threats, not IT.    

I want to personally introduce you to “ThreatDown, powered by Malwarebytes.” The ThreatDown platform is focused on the problem we heard about most from our corporate customers, institutions and partners. No, not securing the software supply chain, cracking down on zero-day vulnerabilities, or stopping the growing spate of ransomware attacks (though all of those also rank high in importance).  

The biggest problem, simply enough, is complexity.  

For too long, even the most well-intentioned cybersecurity vendors and researchers have issued security recommendations in a vacuum, assuming every business has the same budget, staff size, and IT resources. Under this guise, the products our industry has sold are hardly “solutions”—they are proposals.  

We know this isn’t working for most organizations.  

According to IDC, 60 percent of mid-market companies only have 1 – 4 full time IT people, making complex integrations, installations, or management of tech tools formidable. Similar research also shows that a simple configuration change could take IT teams a few hours, while more complex changes can take several days or even weeks, and that companies deploy an average of 55 different cybersecurity tools—each with their own cloud-based console, agent, and management requirements.  

ThreatDown understands that meaningful cybersecurity “solutions” must consider an organization’s ability to implement and embrace a security product and its toolset. This is why the ThreatDown portfolio isn’t a list of individual products for organizations to figure out.  

Today we’re also launching four ThreatDown Bundles that combine award-winning layers of protection, threat intelligence, and human expertise for IT-constrained organizations of all sizes and skill levels. These new bundles help organizations take down threats, while also taking down complexity and cost. Every bundle includes our Security Advisor, which provides a security score to illustrate a company’s current level of protection, offers guidance on how to make improvements and enables IT to take immediate action. 

This is just the beginning.    

Fifteen years ago, with enormous help from around the world, we started something special with Malwarebytes. Today, we are doing that again. 

Join me as we overpower threats and empower IT together.  

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