California looks to fight cybercrime

In August, the state of California created the nation’s largest e-crime unit, “a group of 20 investigators and prosecutors whose sole mission will be to thwart and prosecute cybercrimes like identity theft, Internet scams, computer theft, online child pornography and intellectual property theft across the state.” (source)

While this all sounds fantastic, I strongly doubt a team of 20 investigators can handle the amount of fraud, identity theft, and even such a broad category such as Internet scams which include malicious software. I wonder how closely this e-crime unit will work with reputable companies in the security industry to help find these criminals.

By Marcin Kleczynski

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I would have to agree with you on this one. 20 people is not near enough to handle this the job. Its a good thought though and I suppose if they put a dent in the system it may help. If they could just catch one group and make a good example of them, perhaps others will get the message.

I just hope that the MPAA and RIAA don’t abuse this in some way. Companies that belong to those organizations have shown that they are more than willing to request takedowns for videos that they do not own the rights to simply because they don’t like the content of the video, so I can only imagine what kind of abuse of power would happen if groups like that were putting pressure on some government agency that had the authority to arrest people… I just hope that the group is required to respect the laws of due process, otherwise this could end up worse than SOPA and PIPA…

On the other hand, it is nice to see a state government act like they care about protecting people from online threats.

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