Check if you’re a digital pirate

With all of the SOPA talk this month, I figured an article on piracy was deserving. Being able to pinpoint users of pirated software is becoming easier and more accurate. For example, check out, a website that lists the torrents you may have downloaded in a certain time span. While the website is not perfect, for those who have static IP addresses, it can get pretty close and provide you a list.

In one article on CNET, it was mentioned that “someone in the home of French President Nicholas Sarkozy, a strong proponent of anti-piracy legislation, has been using BitTorrent to download pirated versions of music and movies.”

If the Stop Online Piracy Act passes in the United States, I’m sure technology to track torrents and other illegal downloads will improve. Consequently, imagine the privacy concerns I have for Internet users. This proof-of-concept website is scary enough!

By Marcin Kleczynski

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Wow quite a list they must have going on there at That info could be quite damaging to a person should the RIAA decide to go by that. I checked for myself and they have no record for my IP as it should be. I for one do not like or agree with SOPA (unless its the spanish type which is translated to soup).

In the name of democrasy, globalization and free will
1. ) SOPA means in greek language DON’T TALK
2.) PIPA means in greek language the PIPE

Is it accidental?

P.S SOPA Marcin, they are going to give us a PIPE… and when we do PIPE ,we SOPA!

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