Malwarebytes launches enterprise edition

Forgive my absence, I’ve been chained to a headset on several press calls per day for the last few weeks. Now that the press tour is basically over, I’m able to happily announce the launch of an exciting new product, Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition.┬áThis thing is awesome. Seriously.

So much work has gone into this product and I’m excited to finally announce it.

I’m working on some really cool changes to the blog and content that I will hopefully post every week, so stay tuned!

By Marcin Kleczynski

CEO of Malwarebytes, click About Me at the top of the page to learn more!

2 replies on “Malwarebytes launches enterprise edition”

Hi Marcin,

I am hugely disappointed that the Enterprise product is only available at 100 seats and above. We have been purchasing enterprise class AV for as long as I can remember for the number of seats that we require, in our case around 40. When I first purchased MBAM, a number of years ago, I inquired as to the availability of enterprise class features, which, in my mind make the software a complete product. Most businesses in America are small businesses, I really think you are missing a large business segment with the 100 seat minimum. Regards, Tom

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